Terminator Comb


Revolutionary Stainless Steel Comb
"Exclusive" Microgroove & Round Teeth
Removes Nits
Protects Hair
Safety Designed
Can be sterilized for repeated use

The Nit Free Terminator Comb is the comb of choice of professionals, and is the same comb we use when treating clients. This comb effectively pulls away the nits from the hair, injures them at different points with "exclusive micro-grooved teeth of tempered steel" without harm to hair. The Nit Free Terminator has unique spiral micro-grooving that gets underneath every egg, resulting in a superior lice preventative tool.

Nit Free Mint Spray


Nit Free Mint Spray is a first of its kind lice fighting tool, using specialized mint formula to help ward off head lice. Mint spray can be used daily to help prevent lice, as it has been formulated with natural products that lice find offensive and actually repels them. Lightly mist Mint Free Nit Spray on hair, with special attention given to the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Spray may be used once per day or several times per day.


Self Treatment Kit


Includes a Terminator Comb and Lice Logic Free and Clear Treatment Shampoo 8 oz.  This effective lice treatment shampoo helps dissolve the glue that binds the eggs to the hair shaft and eases with the removal of the eggs.  It is non-toxic, essential oil based and safe for us on children and adults.  Treatment kit would not be complete without the terminator comb.  This comb is a must when getting rid of head lice.