Head Checks

     - A comb through and thorough visual exam, fee is waived if individual  is treated  



Head Lice and Nit Removal Treatment                                                                                                                   

      -Safe and non-toxic lice products                                                                                                                    

      -$100/first hour

      -$80/each consecutive hour, billed in 15 minute increments        



*A minimum one hour billed for each house call made.

*After 4pm, weekends and holidays, rates subject to change.

Call for group rates for daycares, school screenings, camps and group homes.     


Things to do before your appointment     

-Wash your hair.
-Do not apply ANY products, such as hairspray, gels, mouse, etc.
-Dry your hair thoroughly. 
-Comb or brush hair free of tangles.
-Have all family members available for head checks to help reduce chances for re-infestation.
-Don’t stress.  We will guide you every step of the way!!                                                                                                        



-Have the Nitty Nurse come speak to your classroom, school, girl or boy scout group, 4-H club, dance team,  or medical group.

Service Area

-Currently serving homes with a Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo address; service to other areas may require a trip fee.

Hourly Pricing is fair for you,

only pay for what you need!

Hair Lice Removal Services and Prices

**HSA and FSA eligible,

verify  eligibility with your policy**